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Only 5 days into 2024, 125 bills targeting the transgender community had been released, more than double the pace of 2023.

Nationwide, as of January 5 2024, legislators had already submitted 125 bills targeting the transgender community, surpassing the 50 bills filed at this same time in 2023.  As last year marked one of the worst in U.S. history for anti-trans legislation, it’s important to note much of this new legislation goes above and beyond anything seen in 2023, giving indications of how the next cruel evolution of bills will be written.  Statehouses are rapidly advancing bills through committees, covering issues from bathroom access to gender-affirming care, this with only 15 state legislatures currently in session!  Most bills reported so far come from “pre-filing,” a way that legislators can submit bills earlier than the session’s opening date.

With the 2024 elections looming, it is vital we remain aware and engaged; you can follow this link to Erin In The Morning's website,  a fantastic nationwide awareness and advocacy effort written and maintained by Erin Reed. The web page features multiple informative links in very easy to access formats.

If you are interested in comprehensive nationwide legislative updates, background, and state by state information – Erin’s website and resources are outstanding.

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