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Who is the Bay Area Trans Youth Alliance (BATYA)?

The Bay Area Trans Youth Alliance or BATYA was organized in 2021 in response to concerns raised by
parents of trans youth, local trans experienced counselors and public-school leaders. In February of
2022, BATYA partnered with Dave & Busters to offer a monthly Drop In opportunity for trans youth
grades 7-12. To date over 100 trans youth from the greater Green Bay area have attended at least one
of the monthly Drop In sessions.

In addition to the monthly Drop In sessions, BATYA has begun to offer periodic special event
opportunities. Some are just for trans youth and others are for trans youth, their families, friends and
allies. Among the additional opportunities are:


  • Annual Picnic at Bay Beach (August)

  • Fall Bowling Party (October)

  • Holiday Party at Titletown in Green Bay (December)

  • LGBTQ+ Glamour & Glitz High School Prom (May)

Sign up for the BACGD news notes (get connected) or check back here for details on these and other
opportunities when they are available.

BATYA has a coordinating committee that consists of concerned cis-gender and gender diverse people
from primarily the Green Bay area. It includes a licensed trans psychologist, representatives of PFLAG, a
trans attorney, and trans persons. The Alliance networks with trans competent counselors/therapists,
medical professionals, public school, guidance counselors, social workers and police Liaisons, from the
Green Bay and De Pere Public school systems as well at the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay and others.
The group is chaired by Martha, who is also the president of BACGD.

BATYA is part of the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity which is an all-volunteer 501c(3) nonprofit
organization. Donations made to BACGD for BATYA are greatly appre

BATYA Monthly Drop - In Program


What is it? 

A free monthly opportunity for gender non-conforming (GNC), transgender, non-binary youth in grades 7–12 from the greater Green Bay area to meet, greet, socialize, and support one another.  The group meets in the D&B Party Room - a private safe place. The Drop In is under the supervision of trans adults and trans knowledgeable professionals from the Green Bay Area. 

Who Sponsors It? 

The Trans Youth Drop In is co-sponsored by the Green Bay Dave and Busters and the Bay Area Trans Youth Alliance (BATYA). The Steering Committee of BATYA includes trans adults, professional trans knowledgeable counselors, educators, local PFLAG chapters and a trans attorney.  

When and Where?

The Trans Drop-In Night is held the second Thursday of every month, except December,  in the party room at Dave and Busters located at Bay Park Square shopping mall. Chaperones are in the party room from 6:30 – 8:00.  They are also in the video game area for those who may want to hang out and play games later than 8:00.   Dave & Busters is trans friendly and welcoming.  The Party Room is a private, safe, separate room. There are family bathrooms for use by gender non-conforming youth.

What Happens?  

The Drop-In Night provides a safe, fun opportunity for trans youth to meet, greet, support, and have fun with one another. It is not a counseling or educational program.  At 6:30, chaperones welcome youth, review basic ground rules, facilitate an icebreaker for those interested in meeting others. Dave Busters s provides beverages and light appetizers.  Around 7:15  free D&B video game cards are distributed. Some youth may choose to hang around with others in the party room and others go to play video games. 

Cost & Registration?

The monthly drop-in night is free of charge.  Pre-Registration is encouraged, to help with planning, but not required.  Dave & Busters provides free games cards. Each game card has $10 of free play for green games and unlimited for the evening play for blue games. To pre-register, send an email to Martha at and include the youth’s preferred first name, pronouns, school and grade. All shared information is kept confidentially. 

Parents of Trans Youth can sign up here to get alerts and updates about our events.

Trans Youth (over 13 years old) can sign up online to get age appropriate updates here.

Need More Information?


Check out the Parents, Families, Allies & Youth section. BATYA also supports the Parents of Trans
Support Group
sponsored by Northeast Wis Pride Center. You can also contact

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