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Your Invitation to The Transperience

Updated: Jul 9

A flyer for the Transperience

Dear Reader, We would like to extend an invitation from July 13th to August 18th at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to step into "The Transperience," a revolutionary art installation that welcomes you to explore the joys, sorrows, trials and celebrations of Trans life writ large.

To live a life as a Transgender person is to be misunderstood, discriminated against, bullied,

and often isolated by spouses, family, friends, and co-workers. Personal identity has become

politicized to the point that across the nation, state legislatures have introduced hundreds of bills to limit Transgender care, respect, and basic human rights. Many of these bills have become law. As individuals, we are under personal attack for simply living our authentic lives.

The Transperience is a powerful and emotional encounter for viewers of all walks of life that features:

A captivating and immersive multi-medium installation offering an intimate glimpse into transgender lives.

"100 Portraits" - a breathtaking celebration of gender non-conformity and self-expression• Original works and prints by renowned trans artists pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Unique 3D installations, including the towering 12-foot "Gender Barometers".

Interactive "Little Free Libraries" designed for specific populations such as Transmasculine/feminine, Parents of Trans kids, Teens & Allies.

Lots more, including a unique legislative flag, the collection of trans peace cranes, and the fifteen-foot “Gender Carousel Express”.

The stories and testimonials in The Transperience are deeply personal. They are stories of successfully navigating a life as a transgender person. Come and connect with personal stories of triumph, joy, and the beauty of living authentically. 

Don't miss these special events:

• August 7, 11:00 AM & 5:30 PM - Exclusive curated tours with members of the Trans Artists Collaborative

Please join us in creating a more inclusive and empathetic world through the power of expression.

"The Transperience" runs from July 13 to August 18, 2024, at the Neville Public Museum. For Updates and information of other showings, see the homepage of the Transperience

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