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" ...You heard my fears and shared them, and you gave me hope.”

Success of The Transperience – This past October 12, 2023, about 100 people attended a panel discussion and the opening night of The Transperience at the St. Norbert College Mulva Library in De Pere.

Flyer for The Transperience

Over the following six days, many more stopped by to enjoy this multi-medium immersive art experience and exploration of the trans-feminine perspective. Guests shared some comments, and they were all so great we decided to share them all:

“It was so incredibly powerful. It was amazing hearing your stories of resilience and authenticity”

Another shared:

“It was so moving. I had goosebumps that turned to tears.”

Another commented:

“What an incredible video. It truly inspired/touched me to see everyone so vulnerable. The clothing, accessories, artwork and other items added such depth to the exhibit”.

And then there was:

“It hit me so deeply, all of it – the shame, the silent agony and the joy and love of being seen. I feel seen for once in my life…, You made me feel heard, made me feel real. You heard my fears and shared them, and you gave me hope.”

You can learn more about The Transperience, as created by members of the Trans Artists Collaborative (TAC) – a subsidiary of BACGD, at this web link:

Check out the photos and learn more about the artists involved in this effort.

The Transperience will be offered again for public viewing at the Brown County Neville Museum in July – August of 2024. In addition, the TAC is in conversation with other venues regarding additional exhibitions. Interested in becoming a sponsor/patron? The Trans Artists would love to hear from you!

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