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The Board of Directors Thank You

This past April 21st, the all volunteer Board of Directors for the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity (BACGD) met.  What joy to be able to gather to celebrate the many accomplishments over the past year, (made possible thru the efforts of many volunteers-thank you!) review the finances (doing fine – but yes we could still use your contribution) thank you again!

A lively discussion took place regarding plans for the future of the BACGD and its sub groups such as the 1st Thursday CD/TG Gathering, the Bay Area Council Trans Youth Alliance (BATYA), and the Trans Artists Collaborative (TAC)....just to name a few.  Feel free to approach any member of the Board with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on how we can together continue to grow the various programs and services of BACGD and its allied groups. Your feedback and involvement make good things happen!

Here are the members of BACGD Board of Directors - Justis Tenpenny - Director, Rachel Maes - VP, Martha Marvel-Pres, Jules Sieber-Treasurer, Maggie Williams -Secretary.

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