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Resource of the Month-March '24

As of this posting (March 15th) the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is tracking 479 anti-LGBTQ bills in throughout the United States. You can compare and contrast on this site and sort by State by State as well as by issue and status. Scroll down the page to view short videos of Trans-Activists responding to a variety of these bills. The page is updated numerous times each week.

There are numerous links to current court cases and information pertinent to the LGBTQ+ Community, family and friends. Bookmark the sites to stay informed, stay involved, stay strong.

In addition, each state has a separate but linked web page; the ACLU of Wisconsin is an affiliate of the national ACLU and is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, private organization with just more than 15,000 members, all dedicated to defending the civil rights and liberties of all Wisconsinites.

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