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The many wide ranging efforts of the BACGD are supported by a myriad of volunteers working together to make good things happen. The organization has a variety of volunteer activities underway, both short AND long term, always open to the generous sharing of your gifts/talents/skills/interests..... email to make a connection; the more involvement - the more the organization can do!

This month, the volunteers of the BACGD Social Media Committee have an update to share:

The BACGD is now hosting two separate and distinct Facebook options.

The Council now hosts a public PAGE as well as a private GROUP.

And you are encouraged to "like/follow" and/or "friend/join" both - please do!

The public page is open to anyone searching Facebook seeking information, connections, and resources such as those curated on the web page by the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity. Anyone can "like" or "follow" this public page while remaining anonymous to everyone but the Admins.

The private members only group is known as the Friends of the Council. Folks must request to join and be approved by the Admins. Approved Friends of the Council have access to information, resources, current events, chat options as well as opportunities to provide feedback only visible to the pre-approved listing of Friends.

For Instagram users -- The Bay Area Trans Youth Alliance sponsors an account (bay_area_trans_youth_alliance) designed to provide support, education, and advocacy for transgender youth, their families, and allies throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Check it out!

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