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Prom Scholarships & More -

Hats off to the Green Bay Education Association  - (the Green Bay public school teachers and educational paraprofessionals union) for their generous donation BACGD in support of the LGBTQ+ Prom and other T-Youth activities. Because of their donation, any high school student who cannot afford the $20 cost of the ticket can apply for a scholarship and get in free. To apply for the scholarship, just drop a note to 

Also a big thanks to Buzz Social - a bowling alley and arcade, located at 2310 Lineville Rd in Howard, for hosting the post prom party. Buzz Social will provide free shoe rental and

bowling from 10:15 - 11:45 pm for all those attending the post-prom party.  (wristband required for entry)

The Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity is eternally grateful for the ever growing pool of partners, allies, sponsors, and volunteers committed to the Council and its efforts!

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