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Politicians - Stop Bashing Trans People - Voters Don't Support It

The 19thNews is a nonprofit, independent journalism source reporting on gender, politics, and policy. Reporting from the 19thNews is supported by a mix of membership, philanthropy, and corporate underwriting with a goal of long-term sustainability to support a lasting future for news and information at the intersection of gender, politics and policy. Visit the 19thNews home page at:

The 19thNews, in partnership with Survey Monkey, recently released their second annual “The State of Our Nation” survey. In August 2023, they polled over 20,000 American adults on their thoughts ahead of next year’s election about politicized issues such as gender affirming care, democracy, abortion, and guns. You can read a synopsis of the article at this link:

or take a deep dive into the survey in its entirety; its topics/questions and data findings at

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