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New! BACGD Transmasculine Initiatives Underway

Truth be told – the overwhelming majority of people associated with the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity have been trans feminine persons.  We have had some trans masculine persons attend our gatherings, but…

As the mission of BACGD is “To provide support, education, and advocacy for transgender persons, their families, and allies”  That means all trans persons, not just the transfeminine. We have talked for years about doing a better job of reaching out to trans masculine people and those who are non-binary.

This past February 6th, a small group of trans masculine persons met with Martha, president of BACGD, to begin the process of organizing a specific set of initiatives for trans masculine persons.  The group discussed many things and set a Meet & Greet for Saturday, March 23 for the Trans-Masculine Non-Binary Community & Allies, downtown Green Bay at The Attic Bookstore/Coffee Shop 1:00—3:00 pm. RSVPs appreciated for space & planning purposes—please email     


Please help us spread the word and extend the invitation. Anyone who has any thoughts, ideas or suggestions or knows of any trans masculine persons who might be interested in participating / connecting, please send a note to  with your ideas and input. The more voices, the better. Thanks in advance!

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