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Many Hands Make Light Work

Seeking at-home and/or small groups of volunteers please ...

At-home or small groups of volunteers are needed to assist with two tasks associated with the upcoming installation of The Transperience as scheduled to open at the Neville Public museum this summer on Saturday July 18.  The Trans Artist Collaborative has two separate and unique opportunities for volunteers of all ages.

Project # One would be of interest to anyone with a computer and printer with a willingness to surf the web, locating and then printing (only) the front page of the almost 500 anti-trans bills/legislation introduced throughout our country since Janaury1. Training, directions, a list to search, and guidance will be provided. The number of folks working on this effort will determine how many web sites each volunteer will visit.

Project # Two The TAC is also looking for volunteers willing to make/fold origami paper cranes.  The special folding paper will be provided to you, as well as instructions as to how-to fold the cranes.

Both of these projects can be done in your home or during a small group gatherings / meetings or social events. The TAC needs to collect these projects in early June so this is truly one of those "many hands make light work" situations!

If interested in helping - or learning more - or discussing the logistics, please drop a note to as the TAC would love to have your involvement!

The many good things sponsored by the BACGD are only made possible through the dedication and involvement of so many good folks. Thank you!

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