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Loneliness is Detrimental to Mental and Physical Health —

      The Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity is Here to Help With Connections!

 In a recent interview with USA Today, United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murphy said loneliness is more than just a feeling….it has a physical impact on heart disease, dementia, stroke and premature death. As researchers track record levels of self-reported loneliness in our country, public health leaders are banding together to develop a public health framework to address the epidemic.

Part of the overall mission of the BACGD includes providing a wide variety of safe places, social opportunities, and support groups designed to bring transgender people, as well as their allies, together for shared conversations; no one need be alone.

Check out these local opportunities to gather – Adults, Youth, Parents, and Allies.

Check out how curiosity, creativity, and connection is fostered locally through the initiatives of the Trans Artist Collaborative sponsored by the BACGD.

For immediate, confidential, 24/7 connection, click here for the nationwide TransLifeLine

To learn more about Project Unlonely and its work to encourage connections through creativity and curiosity as discussed by Dr Murphy in the article -- follow this link.

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