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How Many Trans People Live in Brown County?

A question that regularly comes up; how might it be answered?

There is some variability in studies seeking to determine what percentage of the population is “trans” -- we have seen studies that suggest the percentage is as low as 0.06% or as high as 1.6%).  Following the recommendation from the link below, let's use a 1% number.  As of July 1, 2022, the estimated population of Brown county is about 570,000.

With the 1% figure, we can estimate there could be 5,700 self-reported trans people in Brown County alone. 

In over its six years of operation, BACGD has had contact, in one way or another, with about 500 individual trans youth and adults.  Which means we still have many more folks to reach out to with care and kindness and an ongoing invitation to find a safe space with us. Together we can do good things!

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