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Girl Scouts & Cookie Sales

There's an App for That!

Were you aware of the trans-friendly and supportive work of the Girl Scouts of America?


Were you aware that a part of the Girl Scouts mission includes “providing a space that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible for all Girl Scouts, across many diverse identities?” 

Were you aware of the excellent set of guidelines used to train their volunteers in the provision of special care, sensitivity, and attention appropriate to LGBTQ+ Girl Scouts? 

Check out their guidelines, polices, training, and inclusive efforts at this link, most certainly worth our support! 


The Girl Scouts’ motto includes: “Be Prepared” to “Do a Good Turn Daily” we, too, can be prepared to support these good works and do a good turn to buy cookies!

Follow this link for a wide variety of ways to purchase cookies now through March 31 in-person, with a scout directly or a particular troop or at trooop sponsored booths in local retail centers or online shipped to your home or workplace -- through the super easy, user-friendly web site and/or app.

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