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From the National Institute of Health/Stanford University...

Some transgender people choose to medically transition, and some don’t.

Some choose to legally change their names, and some don’t. 

Likewise, some transgender people may want to do many of those things but are unable to because they can’t afford it, or perhaps for safety reasons. A transgender person’s identity does not depend on what things they have ...or haven’t done.... to transition,

... and no two transgender persons’ journeys are exactly alike.  

Part of the National Institutes of Health, known as the All of Us Project is changing how health research is done.  They are building one of the largest and most diverse health databases of its kind.  Researchers are already using this data to learn more about why people get sick or stay healthy, and what makes each of us unique.  They're using this information to find better ways to prevent and treat illnesses -- to care for all of us with specialized research of interest to members of the LGBTQ+ Community.

Many groups have been left out of health research in the past. You can help change that

LGBTQ+ people can help ensure your community is included in health studies.

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